Saturday Surfing: March 18, 2017

good morning, glory! I saw two signs of spring yesterday. First, my neighbor’s freesia started blooming.

Every year I tell myself, “Self, remember to plant freesia in time to have them for spring,” and annually I forget.


Gosh, they smell so good. I wish there was a way to send scratch and sniff to you through the computer, because there’s nothing in the world like fresh freesia.

The second sign was the state of my favorite tree in the neighborhood (everyone must have a favorite tree). It’s a cherry blossom tree, and it’s just on the cusp of full-on blooming. It’ll be covered in white flowers within a week.

Unfortunately, my allergies will probably also be a hot mess starting very soon, but I don’t care. האביב כאן!


חתולים & סווטשירט איפור ??

$ 42.

קנה עכשיו

Right now I’m off to the beauty parlor to get my root situation worked out, but before I go, here are some things that caught my eye this week…

I’m currently obsessing over these new lipstick shades from Nudus Australia. I’ve been dying to try this brand for a while.

This is what happens when you’re so hardcore about your appeal routine that you do it on a moving tricycle: and you film it, of course.

New pretties from Chanel for spring, including a baby blue polish that needs TO get into MY LIFE like NOW.

Stef’s review of the Charlotte Tilbury quick ‘N’ easy Smokey Eye evening look makeup kit is pushing me over the edge. I can no longer resist this kit’s siren call…

Just in case you were searching for some cruelty-free holographic polishes to knock your socks off…

Waah! Am I the only comic book-loving person who hasn’t seen Logan yet? I can’t wait! This behind-the-scenes interview with the motion picture makeup designer Joel Harlow makes me want to see it even more. I never thought about how hard it need to be to keep prosthetic makeup in place while an actor is regularly jumping, clawing and sweating.

CVS is getting some fancy-schmancy new appeal brands very soon.

Re: the Sisley-Paris spring 2017 Collection — I want TO go to THERE.

“The true story of good Coffee”, also known as “something to ponder while you’re drinking that cup of coffee in the morning.” (I’ve been all about that Peet’s life these days.)

I wanna squeeeeeze these Bobbi brown Art Stick liquid Lipsticks.

Brooke has the 411 on the beautiful PIXI + Pretties blogger Collaboration.

Things to consider if you’re thinking about getting used makeup.

And a few videos

The science behind face oils

Brows 101 with Rae (I’ve met her in real life, and she’s a doll!)

A flawless-at-40 makeup tutorial by Jordan Liberty, one of my favorite artists on YouTube


Enjoy the rest of your day, my sweet. have a terrific weekend!

מכור לערער את השכונה הידידותית שלך,


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