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All right, here’s the stock that started it all. If it wasn’t for my growing nail polish collection, I would have never tracked any type of of my makeup in a spreadsheet. כמו גם מתוך מה שאני מטמון, הייתי אומר כי רכישת מסמר פולנית היא הכפייתית ביותר בשבילי. They’re just so much fun! No guilt. No commitment. as well as nail polishes don’t go “bad” per se – they can ALL be revived with thinner even if they thicken over time. The oldest polishes in my collection are from the 90’s! I’ve done a great deal of purging throughout the years of duplicate shades or formulas that I don’t care for. My present collection stands at 498 however if I count all of the ones I’ve provided away (yes I track those as well so I don’t repurchase by accident), the number would be better to 570.

I keep them sorted by colour in remove airtight bins.
The larger bin steps approx 12″ x 8″ x 4″ as well as the smaller one is an inch shorter.
Overhead view of a bin – one bin holds approx 60 nail polishes
I have a few smaller bins for random colours.

I understand a great deal of nail polish “enthusiasts” store their nail polishes in the Ikea Helmer, however I choose keeping them in airtight containers.  They’re much more portable as well as keep the nail polishes fresher for longer.  I also own a couple of little remove acrylic wall racks (a charm supply store was selling their old screens for cheap) – I got them in purchase to screen my much more often utilized nail polishes however best now I don’t have the area to hang them up.

Here is a small – small – sampling of each colour family:

Nude, white, sheer (work suitable shades)
Pink, coral, orange
Red, berry shades
Purple, grey as well as deep vampy shades
Taupe, beige, greige
כחול ירוק
Untrieds, oh so numerous Untrieds…
More Untrieds: Illamasqua, BECCA as well as Marc Jacobs still in their boxes
Oldies: the oldest polish I own is from Cover woman (Cherry Brandy, on the left), as well as it still applies like a dream!  The others are from the 90’s
To appease the nerd in me, right here are some quick stats of my nail polish stash:

Quantity I own in each colour family
Quantity by finish
Top 10 brands in my collection, by quantity:
•  Essie (73)
•  Illamasqua (47)
•  Color Club (44)
•  Avon (20)
•  China Glaze (20)
•  OPI (18)
•  Revlon (17)
•  Orly (14)
•  Deborah Lippmann (12)
•  nails inc (10)

It’s funny, as much as I own, I still believe there are spaces in my nail polish collection. I’m not truly into big glitters or crazy colours… however I feel like I don’t have sufficient bright pink or eco-friendly shades – am I nuts?

What’s your nail polish stock like?

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