August 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

The very first “real” month of my self-imposed No-Buy, because of my overspending back in may / June. בחודש אוגוסט, אני כבר לאסוף כמה סיביות מן המרקחת, כמו גם הזוכים, איפה עוד?

I’ve been surprisingly not as well lured by new introduces even with all the autumn sneak peeks as well as clearance sales (no thanks to the supreme Temptress, Ms. Ingrid! )

In the beginning of August I put an purchase from Nova Scotia Fishman Xtreme Skin Care:

I just started utilizing the seas salt soap as well as it’s divine! thanks to Dal of bit charm likes for raving about this line!

And I Back to MAC for 2 lipsticks as well as likewise purchased a deal with cream:

On a separate go to my buddy bought these eye shadows for me as a late birthday present:

I did pay for this concealer (C$15.50):

But I would suggest it was much more of a requirement than a want (you’ll comprehend if you checked out my August happiness Highlight! I was truly determined to cover my leg boo-boos) I’m not going to count it toward my accountability since I make the guidelines up as I go along!

Found these single-use Yardley Apothecary skin as well as body masks / scrubs at a discount rate store for 10 packs for $1.

I likewise purchased a couple of products from

The Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang + Calendula deodorant was what I was primarily after because of the rave evaluation from Jodi of A Brash Attitude, as well as I’m nearing the end of my Lavanila deodorant. then of program I needed one more $14 for totally free shipping so I got the Badger balm which was 40% off. Because, winter season is coming…!.

In the mail, I got these products from NuWorld Botanicals for review:

The parcel included facial oils, serums, space oils, as well as a diffuser! I’ll be testing these for the next month or so before I offer my thoughts – stay tuned!

Here’s a look in much more detail at the 2 products I got from Winners:

I’ve been wanting much more products in the Milk Made scent from Cake charm for ages because I like the hand cream. as well as when ClassicMaggie talked about it in her July empties post, I understood I had to search it down. So delighted to have discovered it! I already have the corresponding ultimate Body Mousse already which will utilize in conjunction with the shower gel.

I debated about getting this as well as now that I’ve opened it, I don’t regret it ONE BIT. I was very first drawn to this since it is made in Korea, rather than in China. It’s amazingly soft as well as velvety, similar to the MAC Masterclass brush. let me understand if you want me to do a evaluation on this one.


Mrs. Strawberry Blonde positively raved about the traditional Herbal Essences shampoos as well as conditioners. I was in requirement of both as well as found them on sale at Rexall:

$3.99 down from $8 is a fantastic deal. I had a challenging time selecting as well as ended up with pink one (Smooth Collection) since I don’t have colour treated hair (but I liked the scent of the yellow one).  Only to see this the extremely next week:

Ugh. now dropped to $2.99! Why do stores to do that! So of program I grabbed the yellow ones (Shine Collection) as well – they don’t have one for volume or else I would have selected that. I’ve started utilizing the pink ones as well as I like them a great deal so far!  Almost sufficient to reenact the old indeed yes yes! commericals:

And to all the people (ahem Joyce) who believe I’m breaking my Low/No-Buy, let me remind you that it only applies to makeup items. I don’t have as poor of a hoarding issue with skincare even though I do fail to remember about stuff hiding in my wardrobe from time to time!

So my costs balance sits at -$141.68 as well as No-Buy continues all September as well. I’ll be back in the black come October!

How was your costs in August?

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