Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye shadow Singles: Chiffon, Comfort, chocolate Crumble, Rosette

I keep in mind a time when Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) was solely a brow product brand.  And look at it now!  According to Sephora, their most prominent product is their Modern Renaissance Eye shadow Palette.  You understand me, I can’t dedicate to a big scale combination so I was rather psyched when I discovered that ABH introduced single refills as well as a customizable palette.

I got these right before Christmas last year as gifts to myself.

ABH currently offers a whopping 104 colours in their single shadow line. They’re split into 7 finishes: Satin, Metallic, Ultra-Matte, Velvet, Shimmer, Titanium, Duo-chrome, as well as shimmer (the completes are listed in a different way on Sephora versus ABH’s site – I default to ABH’s descriptions).

The eye shadow singles offer routinely for C$16 each, as well as the empty 4-pan combination is valued at $8. Sephora offers a filled combination for $56 ($74 value), which is a $18 savings.

Each pan contains between 1.5g to 1.7g of product (Chiffon as well as chocolate Crumble are 1.5g, Rosette is 1.6g, as well as comfort is 1.7g) – similar to other single shadows.  The packaging for every refill is extremely secure, each pan is housed in a plastic clam shell inside cardboard sleeves.

After extensive research, I settled on these 4 colours:

Chiffon: antique gold (Titanium)
Comfort: antique copper (Satin)
Chocolate Crumble: smoky amethyst (Titanium)
Rosette: burgundy shimmer (Titanium)

I’ve tested out these eye shadows for about a month as well as right here are my thoughts on them.

I was most looking ahead to trying the Titanium surface shades – hence why I got 3 of them! – as they look gorgeous in the swatches I’ve seen online. I would explain the Titanium surface as a shinier than a shimmer, however not as shiny as a metallic. The formulas aren’t consistent across the 3 Titanium completes I tried.  Chiffon as well as chocolate Crumble are most similar – their structure are a bit chunkier as well as behave like pressed pigment. Rosette is drier as well as less pigmented, as well as apply more like a velvet finish. comfort is a Satin surface as well as used rather similar to Chiffon – I discovered both to be extremely smooth as well as pigmented.  The colours are gorgeous when swatched:

A major problem I dealt with was that while the shadows used well on the lids with a shader clean (in a patting motion), as soon as I started to blend, the colour would blend away to nothing. I frequently had to add 2 or 3 layers to preserve the intensity I wanted. There was likewise rather a bit of autumn out – I feel as though there’s a binding component missing from this shadow formula.  The inconsistency between the Titanium surface likewise meant the 3 shades perform differently: I discovered both chocolate Crumble as well as Rosette to fade on my lids as well as crease at around the 6 hr mark. comfort as well as Chiffon lasted much better however the longest they stayed looking intact was around 8 hrs (I always utilize my usual primer as well as eye base).  To put the hours into point of view – I get prepared in the mornings at around 7am, as well as by around 1pm, my eye shadows are starting to fade as well as crease.

I was expecting more of these shadows since so many people rave about the high quality of ABH eye shadow palettes.  Plus, these are $16 each (compare that to $8 for MAC refills). I was surprised that out of the 4 shades I tried, my favourite [turned out to be] the shade Comfort, the lone Satin finish!  Rosette was my least favourite. At the end of the day, I’m unsure if I’d purchase more ABH shadows – there are just so many brands / choices out there.

Interestingly, Chiffon, comfort as well as chocolate Crumble are made in the US, whereas Rosette is made in Italy.

Actually, I do truly like the ABH empty combination – it is almost similar to the MAC 4-pan pro combination except there are indents to more quickly eliminate each refill pan.  Unlike the MAC palette, the ABH combination itself is magnetized while the refill pans are not (the reverse is true for MAC’s system).

MAC on the left, ABH on the right
The finest part? The ABH empty palette is now offered on Sephora for only $1, no strings attached! I’m relatively specific this is  new cost decrease – I assumption the concept is that a person would buy the ABH eye shadow singles to fill the palette, however I’m most likely going to just refill them with other 26mm eye shadow refills (MAC, ColourPop, mug etc).

• extremely pigmented
• wide range of shades as well as finishes
• blends well

• Colours blend away easily
• considerable autumn out
• Not long using (fading as well as creasing)
• costly compared to other refill systems

Stash worthiness: 6/10

I should qualify that my score is restricted to just these 4 shades that I’ve tried. perhaps this is a harsh general rating, however I just havלא סובלנות עבור צללי העין יקר לבצע גרוע. הייתי מציין כי נוחות צל הוא 7/10, כמו גם את לוח ריק הוא 9/10.

הנה כמה השוואות בין צבעי ABH, כמו גם גוונים דומים אחרים בסטאש שלי:

שיפון נגד שו Uemura P זהב 350, Mac Sea פולחן, כמו גם ריחות החוף דובדבן מוס

ריחות החוף איזוב דובדבן הוא דומה יחסית למעט צבע הבסיס החם.

נוחות נגד Mac Woodwinked, Ardency Inn גדל זהב, כמו גם Shisiedo BR214 לתוך יישומי יישור (שמאל)

על מכסי העין, השסיסידו דומה.

שוקולד להתפורר נגד מיק גנוב רגע, סאטן taupe, כמו גם lancome ageless taupe

זה צריך לבוא כמו שום הפתעה שאני בעצם עצמו את אותו צבע טאופה בדיוק 3 פעמים מעל. הנוסחה על האחרים לבצע הרבה יותר טוב מאשר ABH אף.

ROSTETTE נגד Mac עשיר הליבה, תות Burberry, כמו גם MUFE D826 איור

Mufe תאנה יש צליל דומה עם זאת זה הרבה יותר נוצץ.

זה תמיד מרתק מנסה לגלות גוונים דומים – כמה מהם נראים כל כך דומים במחבת עם זאת כאשר הם נחו, הם לא נראים כל כך דומה, כמו גם להיפך!

הצללים האלה הם מוצרי ABH הראשונים שלי. ניסית את צללי העין? או פריטים אחרים ABH? מה אתה מאמין להם? אני עדיין מתלבט על מותג זה – שמעתי את מוצרי השפתיים שלהם אמורים להיות טובים.

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